It’s now much easier to buy legal weed online. Here’s your definitive Q & A guide to buying quality marijuana in Canada. It’s easy, secure, and, most importantly, legal. Say goodbye to shady dealers and shady dank websites.

These days, when using cannabis it’s important than ever to take appropriate precautions in order to reduce the spread of the virus. having weed delivered right to your door safely is more important than ever. For medical patients that cannot make it to their local dispensary, mail order marijuana in Canada grants convenient access to the medicine they need. For recreational users, delivery means both safety and convenience.

How can I order from Dank Mail?

Register for a free account to place your order online. You can also send us an email, text us, or chat with us live on the internet. We are available 24/7/365 to assist you with your order.

Who can purchase marijuana from your site?

Our site allows only qualified clients aged 19 and older to buy medical marijuana. This rule is in effect unbreakable.

How can I put my trust in you?

There are many scammers out there claiming to sell legal marijuana. We can assure you that we are not one of them. We have built a strong reputation over the years among medical patients. We strongly support medical marijuana. We are sensitive to the needs of patients with medical conditions who may find it difficult to purchase their medication from a dispensary in Canada due to a variety of reasons. However, we believe that they should not be forced to buy illegally on the streets. So that Canadian medical patients can have safe access to their medicine, we have decided to make our site available to them.

For what reasons would I require medical marijuana?

A growing number of medical conditions can be helped by medical marijuana. Here are some possible uses of medical marijuana:

Multiple Sclerosis
● Spinal Cord Injury/Disease
● Cancer
● Severe Arthritis
● Epilepsy
● Eating Disorders
● Arthritis
● Auto Accident(s)
● Alzheimer’s Disease
● Brain Injury
● Chronic pain
● Chronic Nausea
● Colitis
● Crohn’s Disease
● Dialysis for Kidney Failure/Dialysis
● Fibromyalgia
● Irritable bowl syndrome
● Migraines
● Muscular Dystrophy
● Muscle spasms
● Parkinson’s Disease
● Sleep Disorders
● Anxiety
● Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
● Hepatitis C
● Gastrointestinal Disorders
● Problems with the Back and Neck
● Sexual Dysfunction

How do I package my shipment?

We know that discretion is important for most people. We use generic prepaid Xpress envelops to package the items. The contents are then bubble wrapped and vacuum sealed to preserve their freshness. The outside of the envelope does not advertise medical marijuana. No one would notice that it was anything other than a regular mail package.

Can you export Medical Marijuana to other countries?


Can I pick up my order?

No. We cannot pick up orders from you. For now, we only accept payments via email
money transfer

Can I place orders larger than the ones listed on your website?

No. You can place multiple orders if you need more than what is listed.

My package is not going to the correct destination?

Canada Post is likely to have made an error in tracking your package. Sometimes, human errors occur as the postal worker must manually enter each code into the system. If they miss a digit/letter it can lead to a routing error that could cause delays of up to 1-2 days.

My tracking number is not working. Please help!

These are two scenarios that could be possible:

It was either accidentally put in the wrong mailbox by the postal worker, or

B) Often, a postal worker scans all packages and declares that they were “successfully shipped”. Then, he/she will deliver the package that same day or next day.

We will file a trace with your post office if you don’t receive your package within 2 days of the delivery date. Canada Post will conduct an investigation, which may take up to five business days. They will send it to you if they can locate it. You’ll receive it within a few days. We will send you a replacement if it is not recoverable (up to $125).

Canada Post

To confirm delivery or to understand how mail was received and, if applicable, to check if it was checked, the investigator will contact the addresses.

Check with the security guard or mail room at the recipient address to verify that the item has been accepted by someone else; the Community Mail Box number for the item; the parcel compartment key; and around their property to confirm that the item was not left in a secure location.

Rarely, we may need to scan the delivery address before the item can be delivered. Simply reply to this email if you are aware that the recipient has received the item prior to us contacting you.

How do I pay for my order?

Interac emails transfer payments are currently not accepted. Instructions on how to send an Interac payment are available here.

P.S. : At the moment, we do not accept credit cards or PayPal.

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