Tangie Berry Sativa Flower


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The Tangie strain is best known for its characteristic terpene profile. Like the name suggests, California Orange in its genetics gives the Tangie an obvious citrus smell and taste. With that said, this strain has a citrus taste unlike any other that you can imagine if you haven’t tried it for yourself. It is best described as a cheesy citrus taste with a hint of diesel. The effects of Tangie are best described as clear-headed and uplifting. 30 minutes after medicating with this strain, you will feel yourself to be much more creative and stress free. Further, it tends to give a great deal of energy. In fact, one might liken the effects to the Green Crack strain, but with slightly more sedation in the body. Consider this strain if you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, migraines, or a lack of appetite. It is a particularly good option for those who medicate in the morning.


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